An all-Italian partnership


An all-Italian partnership

Kong and Alp Design, a synergy for the growth of Made in Italy

“It is precisely during difficult times and suffering that it is important to bond. When going through a risky passage. When one climbing partner is more tired than the others. A sacrosanct principle in mountaineering, in life and also in business." It is with these words that Kong’s president, Marco Bonaiti, informed employees of an operation underway in recent months, which was formalized in January 2021.

Kong, Italian leader in the production of safety and rescue equipment, has started a partnership with one of the most historic and well-known Italian manufacturing companies in the field of caving and canine rescue - ALP DESIGN.

Located in the heart of Val Seriana (Bergamo – North Italy), ALP DESIGN has marked and designed the history of speleology in Italy and beyond. Its founder and sole director, Stefano Masserini, was a forerunner in the creation of products and equipment dedicated to the world of cave exploration. From harnesses to bags, through to stretchers specifically designed for underground rescue.

The word partnership is one that best represents this corporate collaboration project for the coming years. The Alp Design brand will continue to remain one of excellence and the entire current structure will continue to exist. Stefano Masserini will remain at the helm of the company and will bring his experience to the roped team as it climbs together. The rope tied between the two companies, to resume Bonaiti’s metaphor, will serve to guide the Alp Design brand to a more modern and international market vision and will serve Kong in broadening its production capacity and competence.

“An important synergy between two Italian companies. A bond that will not distort who we are and what we have done to date. We are proud to work together with Kong to take our brand and our products further and further along”. This is Stefano Masserini's comment in the light of the recent agreement.

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