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The reason for a passion

The world of caves has always fascinated me.

It is a passion lasting for several years. Entering this mysterious secret and sometimes unbelievably imposing world has always moved in me something that is probably present in every man; the will to know what lies beyond. For years, I have let myself down in these environments with devotion, enthusiasm and great effort.
This is why I have thought to turn this passion into my real job and in 1978, I created Alp Design with the purpose of conceiving, improving and realizing functional equipment more and more suitable for this wonderful world. Nowadays, Alp Design is one of the few Italian companies producing accessories and equipment for speleology, canyoning and rescue. Relying upon artisan care and technologically advanced materials has proved to be a winning choice.
The trust the people sharing my same passion have shown to me is the right incentive to continue in this direction.

Stefano Masserini, founder of Alp Design

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Towards unknown worlds in the depths of the earth

Exploring, going beyond well-known limits, moving towards destinations is an old human need. In this sense, speleology probably represents one of the last frontiers.

When you decide to cross the border, you are already aware of your wish to enter a different, unique world. The world of caves. Here is the objective, the challenge. But the fascination of adventure requires training and the necessary knowledge.

Alp Design is well-aware of it, because it has directly known and experienced the uniqueness of speleology. Technique, design and passion constantly contribute to the realization of equipment complying with the maximum safety, protection and reliability criteria. For example, bags have reinforced bottoms and handles withstand any continuous rubbing against rocks.

CE-certified and promptly tested harness can provide for wearability, comfort and safety. Warm fabrics made of elasticized pile and Cordura® provide necessary warmth and protection for long underground stay.

An irreplaceable help to face emergency situations

All sports activities exposing to the risk of unforeseeable falls or events require a rescue organization that can intervene professionally, with efficient equipment and technologically advanced materials.

Alp Design has conceived a special stretcher protecting the injured person during complex rescue actions and helping rescuers in all handling operations.

High-quality components used in the aeronautical sector have been employed for the stiffening table of this stretcher and Cordura® fabrics for its coverage.

Special harness for evacuating people and for the transportation of rescue dogs complete our product range.

Discovering water in its wildest environment

Unknown water courses promise unforgettable adventures.

Letting oneself down along water-falls, diving and courageously sliding down the toboggans make canyoning a young and amusing sport in contact with a nature often still uncontaminated. Following the stream running along the most unforeseeable mountain tracks will enable us to discover charmingly pure places.

Exciting moments to be savored and remembered in the course of time. To practice this sport, it is absolutely necessary to be protected against any continuous rubbings against the rocks as well as any possible fall.

Alp Design has conceived its equipment for optimal protection combined with safety and comfort. A wide range of special strong and handy water-proof rucksacks. Harness perfectly supporting the body and ensuring the diving suit with maximum protection.



Our requirement in terms of security brought us to plan and build a special tensile strength machine, not available in the market, in order to verify the proper carrying capacity of our harnesses, in accordance with CE standards.

This machine is part of technological search which identifies the commitment of our company, Alp Design.

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